Are You Looking For The Right Home Based Business? Part II


Updated Jan. 15, 2011

Please call Ronnie Allen, ViaViente Independent Distribution Agent, for details. 352-419-5171

I am looking for business-minded and motivated individuals who want to work full or part time with me, on a one-on-one basis to help increase their monthly income. This is a REAL business, not get rich quick. There is a monthly investment but the income potential greatly surpasses that if the person is willing to work. They need to be willing to participate in coaching and training,  by phone and internet.

We have the training and support from the company through several web sites that are very affordable for you to direct prospects to. Also there are sites for info and downloads. We have conference calls and webinars appropriate to the level you are at. The question is: Are YOU willing to participate? I wll help you with 100% of my efforts if YOU make yourself available.

This will take time and results are effort driven. The more you talk to people and reach out, the more successful you will be. And you don’t even have to do the talking! Send people to take a look at one of the web sites or get them on the phone with me! I’ll do your talking for you. The key is for you personnally not to over-talk. Bring your prospects to the experts: The web sites or me, or both!

You are also invited to bring your interested people to these presentations. These will be very motivating for them to get the big picture. And this first one will help you get the big picture.

I am looking for people who left fullfilling careers to retire but now want something to do to boost their energy and creative spirit and want to supplement their income.

I am not looking for kids who do not have a work history.

Ronnie & Robert Allen
Authorized ViaViente Distribution Agents since 2005


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