Gem summary


Crystal and Gemstone Summary

There are thousands of healing stones from around the world. These are the ones I use in healing and I have them for purchase in tumbled stones, clusters and jewelry. If you want something not on the list, there is a possibility I can order it for you. Please feel free to contact me.

By Ronnie Allen, Ph.D., C.C.Th.
Certified Crystal Therapist

Agate: strength, courage, longevity, gardening, healing, protection.

* Blue lace agate: communication, softens stubbornness, arthritis, digestion, fractured bones, soothe eyes, blood vessels (Throat chakra).

* Botswana agate: protection against harm, disease, strength, protection, release repressed feelings, rid body of toxins, relieves stress and depression (Root chakra). VCrazy lace: encourages communication between generations (Root chakra).

* Dendritic agate: promotes moderation in life, one of the most powerful healing stones, can be used anywhere on the body. (All chakras).

* Flame agate: allows one to see the light, see through deception.

* Red agate: family members are encouraged to tell emotional truths. (Root chakra)

Amazonite: creative expression, discourages self-destruction, metabolizes calcium, relieves muscle spasms. Activates ego expression. (Throat chakra)

Amber: protection, luck, strengths magic spells, eliminates confusion. Draws dis-ease from body. Can eliminate suicidal tendencies. (Solar Plexus, navel)

Amethyst: psychic intuition, relieves headaches, calms addictions and nightmares, calms impatience and mental anxieties, promotes moderation, lifts depression, teaches trust, humility. (Third eye, crown)

Ametrine: Disperses negativity from the aura and in a new way. Penetrates and releases blockages in the energy field. Releases negative emotions. Helps one to recognize where changes need to be made in the body, and how to make them. (Crown, third eye, root chakra)

Apache Tear: good luck, protection. (root, feet)

Apricot Aventurine: Neutralizes the physical effects of emotional stress. Balances and opens lower chakras. Eases sexual dysfunctions. Treats disorders of the lungs, adrenal glands, heart, muscular and urogenital systems (Solar plexus)

Aqua Aura: contact of faerie realm and spirit guides, self-expression. (crown, 9-10th chakra)

Aquamarine: protection in air travel over water, releases bodily water retention, arthritis, decreases water in joints, promotes authoritative verbal communication. Makes others pay attention. Relaxes stress in neck, jaw and shoulders. (Throat)

Aragonite: Helps one center oneself in periods of anger and stress. Provides insight into the basis of problems which confronts one on the physical plane. Enhances patience and allows one to cope with increasing responsibility. Balances lower chakras. Gets to and eases the core of congestion of energy. Helps one come to terms with childhood trauma. (All areas of congestion)

Aventurine: good luck, prosperity, health, overall good luck and protection stone. (Heart chakra)

Azurite: Moves subconscious thoughts into conscious mind. Cleanses the mind, and brings to light outdated truths and beliefs. Allows one to let go of thoughts and feelings that are no longer productive. Let go of old hurts and angers. Allows psychic-emotional releases. (Third eye)

Black Tourmaline: Eliminates negative energies. Propels and protects against negativity. Protects one from being victimized from the negative energy of another. Maintains ones good feelings even in situations of gloom and doom. Awakens altruism. Protects one from absorbing the hostility and negativity from others in the work place. (Root, feet)

Bloodstone: balances iron deficiencies, lowers blood pressure, aids in ceasing bloody noses. Prevents miscarriage. Prevents possibility of hemorrhage. Improves sluggish circulation. (Heart)

Blue Quartz: stimulates creativity, verbally and in the arts, releases introversion and fear, brings stimulation to new relationships, encourages consideration and thoughtfulness. Gets rid of headaches, calms fever. (Throat)

Brazilianite: Promotes understanding of difficult situations, helping one to gain insight necessary for the attainment of what is desired. Helps one in releasing that which is not desired in relationships and situations. (All chakras)

Carnelian: courage, focus and manifest power, gives one the appetite for success, go out and do it. Counteract doubt and negative thoughts. An excellent business stone. Inspiration. Removes blockages. Improves fertility and impotence. (Navel)

Chrysocolla: feminine balancing, cycles, menopause, PMS. Keeps one from burning out. Prevents ulcers, digestive problems, alleviates fear, guilt, tension. Assists in regulation of insulin, asthmatic conditions, blood sugar. Eases pain of sorrow and anger. (Navel, heart chakras)

Chrysoprase: eases depression, sexual imbalance, increases fertility. Helps one see clearly into personal problems, increases courage. Increases self awareness, aspiring for artisans. (Heart)

Citrine: increases self-confidence, good business stone. Assists merchants in acquiring and maintaining wealth . Creates steady pace, builds up stamina, makes one’s power steady and predictable. Attracts sales and good deals. Power to manifest wealth. Direct and attract powerful creative force. Helps one to adjust to the external disturbances in life. (Solar plexus)

Clear (optical) Calcite: Helps one see their way out of a cycle or pattern and why they are in a particular situation. Gives one insight into their behavior and their part in a relationship. Clarifies ownership of behavior and responsibility. Helps one to see things clearly. (Third eye, crown)

Clear Quartz: Decreases negativity, calms nerves, cleanses other gemstones, enhances the energy of other stones. (All around body)

Emerald: attracts wealth, increases the public’s awareness of your business. Communication awareness, deals with communication difficulties, softens arrogance, balances pace. (Heart)

Fluorite: focus, concentration, helps the body absorb nutrients, good for bones and teeth, lowers cholesterol, releases fat from the body, increases IQ, protective, rids aura of unwanted negative energies. Beneficial in treatment of mental illness. (crown, all areas)

Garnet: perseverance in the pursuit of goals, excellent executive woman’s stone. Lets people know you are confident. Eases lower back disc problems. Protects you from being mugged. Repels negative energies. Relieves competition related stress. (Root)

Green Calcite: Helps mind release fear based concepts while in the process of consciously forming new ideologies and strategies. Lets one know “Ah, This is what I need to do instead!” Alleviates rigidity which leads to arthritis, tendinitis, sports injuries. (Heart)

Hematite: grounding, deflects negativity, protects from being penetrated by negative influences, lowers high blood pressure. Helps circulate oxygen through the body. (Feet, hands)

Hiddenite: A rare form of Kunzite, with the same properties. (See Kunzite). Also, stimulates the intellect and the loving side of nature. Can assist one in intellectual and emotional pursuits. (Heart)

Honey Calcite: Has the power to channel to highest mental faculties of the crown chakra into the physical body for manifestation. Calms digestive system, gall bladder. (Solar plexus)

Jasper (red): restrains dangerous desires, used in defensive magic, sends negativity back to the sender, (Root)

Kunzite: Held or worn to induce stress reduction. Encourages your energies and thoughts to be love producing and positive. Self-love, unconditional love. Removes obstacles from one’s path. Dissolves negativity. Can be used to strengthen the physical heart muscles. (Heart, Solar plexus)

Kyanite: balances energy throughout the body. Cleanses negativity from the environment. (Crown, above crown) Balances chakras and removes toxins from the body. Higher order stone. Do not use unless you’re experienced with healing stones. Can cause headaches and dizziness. The pic on top of the summary.

Labradorite: increases psychic powers. Enables one to work long periods without tiring. (Third eye, heart)

Lapis: Penetrates illusions of the mind. Mental and spiritual cleanser. Helps one organize one’s life, for their highest good. Protects one from physical danger and psychic attacks. Used in treatment of throat, bone marrow, thymus, and immune system, insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness. Prevents and rectifies RNA/DNA damage. (Third eye, throat)

Larvikite: Higher order spiritual stone. Enhances creative communication. Allows one to envision all of the possibilities and reach for the moon. Used in treatment of speech and language disorders. Allows an introverted person to emote and tell their feelings. (Throat)

Magnesite: Provides for the fruition of unrecognized thoughts and ideas and provides the motivation for one to analyze and actualize the same. Used to purify the cells, treatment of convulsions, bones and teeth, PMS, control body odor, regulate body temperature, and lessen condition of fever and chills. (Crown, throat)

Malachite: brings up repressed feelings so they can be dealt with, rids the body of toxins, reduces inflammation due to injury when placed on area, increases flow of energy, keeps away undesirable business associates, warns of danger by breaking. One of the most powerful balancing stones. Stay in mode of loving tolerance. Salesperson’s stone, increases ability to obtain good deals and sales. (Heart, solar plexus)

Moldavite: A meteorite. The extra-terrestrial gemstone. Gives understanding to those who cannot adjust to life, in a society. Treatment of mental disturbances, autism, retardation, emotional maladjustments. (Heart)

Moonstone: women’s cycles, diet, water retention, protection while swimming, Balances, soothes and heals. Helps one achieve one’s hearts desires, by allowing one to envision all of the possibilities. (Navel)

Moss Agate: Leads one to agreeability, persuasiveness and strength in all endeavors and success in all pursuits. Helps one in the acquisition of riches. Used in the treatment of stiff necks, disorders of the eyes. Alleviates fungal infections, stimulates digestion, eliminates toxins from the body, relieves symptoms of colds and flu. As a topical elixir can be used in treatment of skin disorders and infections. (Heart)

Obsidian, black: grounding, centering, releases free floating anxiety. Master Teacher. Assists one in reflecting upon their actions and thoughts. Reduces cravings in addictions. Snowflake, makes high intensity people slow down and mellow out. (Root, feet)

Petrified Wood: Increases longevity, increases life span. Charm against drowning. Brings one into action to take care of minor annoyances. It provides access for past life information. Treatment of atrophied portions of the body, paralysis, and dysfunctional ambulatory capabilities. Can be used to strengthen the back, and provide alignment to the skeletal structure. Treatment of hearing loss and incontinence. Can soothe the skin, add thickness and luster to the hair. (All areas, root)

Sapphire: Excellent for meditation, accessing past life info and records. Inner knowledge can be brought into awareness and actualization. Excellent stone for children and becoming intune with your child within. (crown, third eye)

Picasso Stone: Understanding of the destiny one has chosen.. Transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. Stimulates circulatory system, reduces anxiety and stress, assists in digestion, regulation, metabolism. Used in treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, cellular and organ toxicity. Promotes weight loss. (Heart, solar plexus) . Picture Jasper: Tells the message that we are on the planet not just for ourselves but to help others. Eases self-centeredness. Artist’s stone. Protects against negativity. Stimulates proper functioning of the immune system. Useful in treatment of disorders of the skin and kidneys. (Root, around body)

Pink Calcite: Dissolves old emotional patterns of fear, heartache, sadness, grief while stimulating unconditional love. Integrates and expands the power of love into the heart chakra. Promotes mental health. Helps one get along with the same sex. (Heart, solar plexus)

Sapphire: enhances team work for a common goal, great stone for employers who have employees who are not giving it their all, increases feeling of desire for prosperity. (Above crown)

Rainforest Rhyolite: Lights the fire of creativity. Helps one to strengthen the body. Allows one to ease into meditation. Used in treatment of the veins, to dispel chills, to eliminate skin disorders and rashes, to help the body assimilate B Complex vitamins. Increases stamina and increases muscle tone. (Heart)

Rhodocrisite: overall rescue stone, cleanses liver, kidneys of toxins, good for adrenal glands, colds, upper respiratory problems, asthma, digestive problems. Physical and emotional healer. Cancer treatment. Increases long term memory. (Heart, Solar plexus)

Rhodonite: patience, attain calm assurance in all activities, treatment of joints, throat infections, heart disorders. (Heart)

Rose Quartz: calms heart, makes one loving, slows one down to think rationally, heals emotional wounds and trauma. Allows one to experience the joys of living. (Heart)

Rubellite: Strengthens the will to understand love and to inspire tactfulness in independence. Can be used for heart disorders and repair of the reproductive system. Sends the message that it is okay to love and express feelings. Transforms barriers that bind the heart. (Heart)

Ruby in Zoisite: Used in the treatment of physical heart disorders. The ruby promotes easing stress. The green helps the healing of the physical heart. Regulates blood flow through the ventricles. Decreases time for chemicals and toxins to leave the body. (Heart)

Ruby: attracts love, wealth, makes one feel worthy of love, improves one’s success in disputes, protects against unhappiness, nightmares. (Heart)

Rutilated Quartz: Assists one in getting to the root of the problem. Provides access to the reason of discomfort. Brings strength, reasoning and order. Gives aura an aire of authority without changing overt behavior. (Solar plexus, navel and root).

Sapphire: Excellent aid in a court case when you are in the right. Rids one of unwanted thoughts. Stone of prosperity, sustaining the gifts of life, and fulfilling dreams and desires. (Throat)

Smoky quartz: protective, reflects negativity back to the sender and makes them aware of their wrong doings, makes one more selective in behavior when dealing with people. Mildly sedative and relaxing, strengthens adrenals, kidneys, pancreas, increases fertility. (Solar plexus, navel root)

Snow Quartz: One becomes in tune with their child within. Useful when someone with a too serious nature needs to mellow out, and see the bright side. Ones ideas become bright and clear. A good balancing stone for children. Helps them be clear about the world. (Crown)

Sodalite: The student’s stone, aids focusing, concentration, memory, study skills, organization. Increases strength in oral communication and creativity. Alleviates fear, calms and clears mind. Allows one to think rationally over emotionally. (Throat)

Strawberry Quartz: attracts love, makes one feel worthy of love, calms broken heart. Helps one to remember dreams. (Heart)

Sugilite: Tells one that they are worthy of all they can achieve on this earth. Used in treatment of disease, cancer, asthma. Assists in the functioning of the adrenal glands, liver, cleanses toxins from the body. Helps one forgive himself. Lessens self-imposed guilt. Eliminates hostility, prejudice, jealousy. (Third eye)

Tiger’s Eye, Gold: softens stubbornness, allows one to be more flexible, rather than obstinate, create balance between what we know and what we feel. Very important stone for women entering a new business. Gives insight into the creative directions to take and what projects to take on. Red: adaptability, protection against danger. (Solar plexus, navel)

Titanium Quartz: Enhances well balanced energy in those who are depressed, low key as well as too spacey. Energizes and balances all chakras. Helps one get through a rigorous daily agenda. (Crown, all areas)

Topaz, Blue: arthritis, water in the joins, water retention, tissue regeneration, strengthens, liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive system. Motivates artists and their creative level. Good for colds. Increases confidence in expressing creative power.(Throat)

Tourmaline, green: money drawing, stimulate your directions, achievements, and positive actions. Relieves chronic fatigue and exhaustion. (Heart)

Unikite: Balances emotional body. Used to enhance weight gain, such that the weight is added to the right places. Used in treatment of reproductive system. Stimulates healthy pregnancies, and promotes the health of the unborn. (Navel)

Zebra marble: It is not possible to give away all of ones love. Love is always possible and accessible. Improves endurance for athletes, used in treatment of bone loss, degeneration of teeth, assists in alleviation of muscle spasms, heart palpitations and vitamin deficiencies. (all areas)

Zincite: Allows one to achieve personal power, creativity. Clears blockages from three lower chakras, allowing one to feel passion. (Root)

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