ViaViente Business Builders Referral Program- Via Viente Business


Updated Jan.15, 2011

This is a home-business building program offered ONLY through us, Robert & Ronnie Allen! Authorized ViaViente Independent Distributors! We would not be offering this if we didn’t have faith in this product and business opportunity.

1. Refer someone who joins my Via Viente team as a business builder in FastTrac or SuperFastTrac and goes on to enroll 3 business builders for their ViaViente team in the same month, and we will send you a check for $50. the month after they enroll.

2. If this person goes on to achieve Bronze membership,  we will send you an additional $100.

3. If this person goes on to achieve Gold membership, we will send you $300.

4. If this person goes on to receive Platinum membership, we will send you $500.

5. If this person goes on to achieve Presidential membership, we will send you $700!

There is no limit on the amount of people you can refer. We are looking for serious, motivated, competent and conscientious individuals who are willing to work at increasing their source of income. If you know of this person, send them our way and we all can benefit!

Go to for info about this awesome product and lucrative business opportunity!
Or call Ronnie, at 352-419-5171. Your referral can call me and let me know you recommended them, or you can call me and tell me to be expecting a call.

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