Crystal Healing Workshops in Central Florida

Crystals have been known to have healing powers for centuries.

Now, you can use them to help yourself! I have helped people learn about crystals from my practice in Brooklyn, and now I will continue to offer this in Florida.

Workshops given by Ronnie Allen, Ph.D. Certified Crystal Therapist

A Three-hour Group Workshop

* Learn how to select, cleanse and program quartz crystals and healing stones…
* Learn the ways to access the healing properties of the stones…
* Learn how to use the stones to heighten your awareness…
* Learn how to use the stones to increase your mental and intuitive faculties…
* Learn how to use the stones to enhance your calm and peaceful state of being…
* Learn how the color of the stone affects the different parts of your body so that you can heal yourself…
* Color meditation…
* Chakra balancing…

Investment in your personal growth $36.


A Four Hour Crystal Healing Workshop for Reiki Practitioners


Learn all of the above plus: Reiki Grid, meditations to use in healing sessions, creative visualizations to use in healing sessions, crystal healing layout.

Investment in your personal growth $48.


SEND MO (no personal checks),

Light refreshments will be served.

Please note I reserve the right to decline your participation after our conversation if I feel this is not appropriate for you. You MUST be over 21. The credit card must be in your name.


Crystal Healing Workshop for Reiki Practitioners, Sat. June 12, 2010

“To Ronnie Allen,

We recently attended your seminar on Crystal Healing.

You have an extraordinary knowledge on the subject, the class material was very comprehensive and the sharing of the information was enlightening.

We want to thank you for this opportunity.We now have more tools in our path to help heal others.

Love and Light,

Connie and Rick
International Reiki Masters-Teachers”

Crystal Healing Workshop for Reiki Practitioners, Sat. June 12, 2010

“Since this was my first experience with crystals I didn’t know what to expect and I must admit I was a bit skeptical but very curious. But Ronnie shared her vast knowledge with detailed explanations. This was a wonderful introduction into crystals & their healing power and Ronnie’s sense of humor and loving nature makes this extra special.
Joan. Reiki I”

Crystal Healing Workshop for Reiki Practitioners, Sat. June 12, 2010

“On June 12th I attended my first crystal workshop. I am a Reiki practitioner familiar with chakras and energy.

I found Ronnie Allen to be very informative. Her knowledge about the crystals was most impressive. Being the person Ronnie used for her demonstration was an added plus for me, as I had been having a health problem for several weeks. Afterwards, my problem was greatly improved. It has now been several days and the problem has still not returned.

People are skeptical of claims like mine, but it really did happen. I will go back again for more healing and knowledge. To me it is most important to have the best quality of life possible and I believe that Reiki and any other form of holistic healing are key ingredients in achieving this end.
Lucy, Reiki I”

Crystal Healing Workshop for Reiki Practitioners, Sat. June 12, 2010

“The crystal workshop was informative and very useful in healing. Ronnie’s passion and knowledge was apparent in both her teaching and handouts. The use of crystals in healing goes deeper than I ever imagined. One day just touched the tippy edge of information Ronnie has to offer. I was amazed by how much she knows about the powers the different crystals possessed. It was worthwhile making me realize how little I know of this healing modality.”
Elena, Reiki II

Crystal Healing Workshop For Reiki Practitioners Sat. July 31.
I attended Ronnie Allen’s Crystal Healing workshop on 7/31/10. It was not only educational, it was totally relaxing.

Ronnie is a superb teacher, soft spoken and confident. I learned so much about crystals, their healing properties and how to use them for healing.

I recommend her workshops for anyone who wants to learn about alternative modalities for spiritual growth.

I will be attending other workshops given by her and have signed up myself and a friend for the Spiritual Cleansing Workshop in Central Florida.

Elyse, Reiki II