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An excerpt

Eyes cemented shut in deep concentration, palms placed upon her midriff, she felt the power she craved being directed straight into her core by Tuesday’s new moon, as if a cord attached the moon to her solar plexus. She interpreted the moon’s personal signal as something she’d better heed. The charts she referred to told her tonight marked the night. Perfect for an Aries to invoke her deepest desires. Nothing else mattered now.

Opening her eyes, she checked the light-resistant blinds on the window facing Garfield Place, leveling the way they fell on the sill. She pulled them tightly to make sure they shut out any reflections from the streetlights. The last thing she wanted was someone taking a glance in her direction, intruding on her peace.

She needed to remain low profile now. Everyone had told her that she’d been and would be “low profile” her entire life. She hadn’t realize how important those two words would become. Low profile—low, unsuccessful, pitiful, minuscule, never good enough. From the time she entered school, those words had drilled apart her soul.

Even at night, this upper crust Park Slope neighborhood didn’t sleep. Her tree-lined street was residential, but an avenue away the new age shops, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and fresh-food markets all hopped until midnight. The aromas of fresh baked bread and European cuisine found their way into her windows, especially now, in late fall when Brooklyn had cooled from the hot summer.

The residents, though, minded their own business, so she could do what she wanted, when she wanted. In fact, they ignored her. She’d been living in this northern part of Brooklyn eight months and not once had any one of them asked her how she could afford it. They just gave her dirty looks, as if she didn’t belong. She assumed that’s what they were thinking. They had no idea if she rented or owned. These yuppies were too busy climbing their own ladders in the arts to be bothered with a nobody like herself. But she’d show them. All of them. Soon she’d be at the top, looking down on exactly the right people.