Awakening Your Unconscious & Contacting Your Spirit Guides

4 Hour Workshop


Do you want to get in touch with your own mental capabilites?

Do you want to learn the information you need to know for your personal growth?

Do you want to access and communicate with your spirit guides so you can ask them for guidance and suport?

Do you want to learn how to test your intuition?

Do you want to learn the fragrances that attract your guides?

Do you want to learn exercises that will help you get the answers to questions?

Do you want to know the tools you can use to make contact with your guides?

Do you want to communicate with the Faerie Realm, Nature Spirits & Elementals?

Through meditations, creative visualizations you will learn what you need to do to prepare yourself to tap into your unconscious. You will learn other tools to assist you for your spiritual growth, power & success.


Investment: $48. (Bring a friend and you EACH pay $40. Payment has to be made at the same time).


Light refreshments will be served.

Please note I reserve the right to decline your participation after our conversation if I feel this is not appropriate for you. You MUST be over 21. The credit card must be in your name.