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Yikes! It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. Actually, it’s been over six weeks since I’ve written a word on a novel–any novel, my urban fantasy, or Taurus, book 5, in The Sign Behind The Crime Series. What in the world happened? I’ve been writing obsessively since 2011. Well, when you’re a Gemini, like me, you probably have a lot of pans on the fire, so to speak. This time, the change in my second life was so big, actually BIG, that it forced my attention, my unconditional attention.

You all know from my previous blogs, and from reading my bio, and my books, that I’m very much ingrained in health and wellness, being a certified Holistic Health Practitioner since 2001. Since 2005, we’ve been working with a company, ViaViente–the product name, as well–that I attribute much of my good health to. Without my health, I could not have achieved so much as I did in the writing world. ViaViente is liquid nutrition that is certified by the FDA as a Living Whole Food. What does that mean? You’re getting the entire high antioxidant, low glycemic fruits–pulp, seed, and skin–that is not pasteurized, with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, while making the body alkaline so illness and disease cannot grow. Anyone can use it, everyone needs it, from children to adults, pregnant and nursing women, too. No medical counter-indications. I’m sure you’ve seen all the news about an acidic body and cancers and other diseases. Adding ViaViente along with better dietary choices, can turn your life around. And it still can!

Well, March 1, we found out that ViaViente, our beloved company, was acquired by Youngevity. Many of you had to see my video on my health and wellness page. Youngevity is an umbrella for many intact companies. The results are positive. Now we can choose from over a thousand products. So we’ve been playing.

You can see from the cover pic on the blog, that we’ve tried the coffees, and Keto products. The coffees are delicious, and now there’s a special. You can buy one and get one. The coffees are organic, fair trade, and many are infused with micronutrients. There’s a website where you can read how Youngevity coffees are made on their own plantation, from bean to bag or Y-cup. The retail and wholesale prices are shown. Contact me to discuss how to get the wholesale prices.

If you’re following me on my social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you’ve seen that I’m now eating on the Ketogenic diet. The bars you see in the pic are wonderful. For me, going to all of my workshops and meetings, the bars will be great to take so I’ll have something when others are snacking. Seriously, a half of the bar with a schmear of cream cheese curbed my appetite for 3.5 hours. Twice. I would not recommend any product that hasn’t worked for me. What is the Keto diet? I’m not an expert yet, still learning, but it’s low carb, moderate protein and high in high quality fats. Please read all of the articles and doctor’s videos that I’m sharing on my Facebook page.

You too can share in the healthy benefits and in the wonderful products Youngevity has to offer. If you’re waiting for higher royalties to come in, why not have a second, or third income stream? We all have those unexpected annoying bills.  Peruse my website. Click on join, and the customer and distributor links will come down. Click on my name and my number will come down. Please feel free to call me if you’re interested.

In my writing life, I was featured in Country Club Neighbors, a publication going out to the country club residents in Citrus County. I got a surprise email from their editor, Trish Hiatt in February. Being a business person, I’ve learned that successful people recognize an opportunity when it hits them in the face. I grabbed onto the invitation, and the article has been well received.

If you’re a member of Citrus Hills Golf and County Club, you saw me on April 22, 10-2, I participated in their outdoor fair with my books. And guess what? I’m taking advantage of the Youngevity sale right now, for Get One, Give One. If someone bought three books, in any combination, they received a free bag of coffee or a box of 24 Y-Cups! I’ll also try to arrange another book signing where people local to Citrus County can get the same offer.

So there you have it! What’s happening in my wonderful life. Please feel free to leave comments.


Tarot – empower your choices


I use the Tarot as a Tool of Empowerment to help people realize that they can seek out alternatives and accept responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Empower means to give power or authority to enable or permit. When you are empowered you eliminate the self-defeating attitudes, and burdens that come along with it. You project an aura of strength which enables you to make choices and take educated risks without fear.

Life is trial and error. Not everything we try to accomplish will come our way easily or at all. An empowered individual can deal with the good and the bad while having the inner strength and ambition to change self-destructive behavior patterns while seeing all the possibilities for their life.

I particularly look for spreads that help assist in this in my tarot readings.


Tarot – the change agent


I view the Tarot as an agent of change to bring up repressed behavior patterns so that the client can make positive changes in the directions they are taking in their life.

It is a tool for self-examination to promote self-awareness to see where one needs to improve.

It shows ways one can improve inner strength and become empowered to take control of their life and not be a victim of life’s circumstances. I use Tarot with clients to make them aware of past mistakes so that they are not repeated and the cards enable them to see themselves more objectively.

The cards reduce stress by giving options to alternative paths.

I do not use the cards as an occult fortune telling device. I believe that destroys the original intent of the Tarot


The Crystal Tarot Blog


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the emails I’ve received telling me how much you’ll miss the newsletter. I certainly do appreciate all of you as readers. Many of you have been with me since I began the newsletter in 2003, and some of you joined as recently as this month.

So to say ‘Thank You,’ here’s what I decided to do. I will be happy to share my knowledge with you in a blog. This one. I will answer questions you email to me at, about any of the healing modalities with which I work. Tarot, crystals, crystal healing, spiritual cleansing, contacting spirit guides, Goddess psychology and profiling, health and nutrition, and dream interpretation. I’ll answer one or two questions in each blog depending upon the length of my response. Your questions will remain anonymous. The blog will begin in January.

This will not be for a personal Tarot reading or dream interp, but a general question that could benefit our readership. Please ask an open-ended question, not a Yes/No one.

I’ll send out one or two short blogs a month. None if there are no questions that month. There will not be listings or advertisements from other practitioners as I did in the longer newsletters. This will be specifically from me. This would also afford me the opportunity to keep in touch with you and take some time away from writing. As you know crime based thrillers are my genre specialty and I could use a reprieve from the bad guys once in a while.

My answers to your questions will be off the cuff. I won’t be listing resources unless I feel a particular book would be beneficial.

I hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.

Unfortunately, the comments in this blog, unlike other blogs, are closed. This is due to the large amount of spamming I receive. This site has a high Google ranking, at least it did when I worked it full swing and people want to take advantage. I’ve tried to figure how to eliminate the spammers but I haven’t. For example, since my last email to you a few days ago, there were over 300 spam submissions that I had to delete ten at a time. That is tedious to say the least. So if you’d like to make a comment please email me. So sorry for this inconvenience.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!!!



P.S. I’ll also give updates here about my journey towards the publication of Gemini.



Changes in The Crystal Tarot 2k14


Hi Everyone,

As my readers, you know that I haven’t sent out a newsletter for almost a year. That is because I’ve been busy writing my novel, Gemini, which is now out to a publisher. Since that is now my focus, I decided it was time to let go of a lot of services in my alternative healings practice. Believe me, making that decision had been a struggle. But my 2k14 year is my Death year in Tarot. It’s the time to let go of things, and adding new focus. Yes, I’ll feel disjointed with something missing, but my writing will fill that void. It’s something I need to do for my personal growth.

I want to send you a courtesy email to let you know that the monthly newsletter has been permanently discontinued. But you assumed that I’m sure. Also, I stopped taking credit cards and will no longer be selling jewelry, unless it’s a large prearranged party. But mode of payment will be M.O. or checks.

I will be teaching courses and workshops, particularly Learning Tarot, but on a limited basis, and if I’m approached. None have been scheduled for 2k14 as of yet.

I’m in my second novel, a romantic suspense, while I just began brainstorming ideas for Gemini II. But it won’t have that title, of course.

If you’d like to keep in touch with me, and I’d love to correspond with you, please contact me on Facebook, through, or my author page,

My Twitter handle is RonnieAnovelist. And on LinkedIn, you can find me through

If you’d like to get a glimpse into Gemini, please see my latest blog, and you’ll read about it through the eyes of the hero, Psychic and clairvoyant Forensic Psychiatrist  Dr. John Trenton, at Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

I wish you all a wonderful, healthy and prosperous holiday season and New Year. And I thank you for your readership. Many of you have been with me since the beginning of the newsletter, eight years ago.

Best, Ronnie


Next Issue Of Newsletter, Jan. 20


HI Everyone,


Happy New Year.

Just wanted to let you know that the first Crystal Tarot Newsletter of 2013 is going out on Jan. 20th.

So, practitioners! If you have an article you’ve written and would like to be showcaseed, please send it to me to by Jan. 18th. Text only, with your bio, web site, and info about your practice.



Please continue to check out my novel’s web site and read about my progress. I’m a few months shy of having it ready for submission. Feel free to join in the conversations and leave comments.


How In The World Did I Write A Novel?


How In The World Did I Write A Novel?

Well folks, I did and typed the words ‘The End’ on Nov. 16, 2012 coming in at 606 pages and 120,864 words for my first complete working draft. It was just one day shy of thirteen months after I wrote the word ‘Prologue’ in my notebook.  That Prologue is now Chapter 1.

I am sitting poolside in high 70’s degree Florida weather at the end of November after having decided to write my novel’s first blog with the same notebook. You know how authors create suspense by not telling you specifics about their characters for a few chapters? Well, I’m not going to tell you specifics about the novel either. Not yet.

So why am I sending you, the subscribers of The Crystal Tarot Newsletter, my writing blog? Well, everything you have read on this site, well almost everything, is something that one or more of my characters is proficient in. What I teach my clients re the mind/body connection, one of my characters does. What I recommend regarding nutrition my main character recommends (No. I did not mention ViaViente.). What I teach about Tarot analysis, two of my characters do. What I teach about Greek Goddesses one of my characters knows. What I teach about contacting and communicating with your spirit guides one of my characters does a lot. In fact, the guide has a life of his own! There’s more. I’m still revising.

So through reading my novel, you will be going into a journey of psychology, the paranormal, metaphysics, and let me not leave out, romance.

No the novel is not out yet. I am in the editing and revisions stage. I just wanted to keep in touch and let you know what is going on in my life.

What I am going to tell you in this blog is about my writing process, from beginning the novel through submitting to agents and publishers to seeing the book in print and on bookshelves. Without a doubt in my mind, that is going to happen. So you will learn from what I did and will do and if you follow the process that I will be modeling, you too will have your book in print one day.

I do practice what I preach. So reading this blog will give you many clues on how to manifest what you want in life. If you’re doubtful or don’t believe me on that, read the article, My Journey Back, on this site. Every tool I teach on this site, I used for my own recovery after the doctors told my husband and son I had less than a 2% chance of survival in 2000.

“You want to get a traditional publisher? Yeah right!” That’s what I’ve been told by people NOT in the know as well as some in the industry. No one has seen the novel yet, by the way. It was a blanket statement. However, those of you that know me also know I am ‘The Odds ‘Obliviator’’. Put odds up in front of me and I will crash through them sending them into oblivion. I plan to do just that. This is not going to happen magically, well maybe a little, or haphazardly but through a thoughtful step- by- step process where I will be able to measure my success and modify what needs to be corrected.

I will explain to you the good and the bad, the trials and tribulations, the acceptances and the rejections. Becoming bulletproof is key. Get that skin toughened up. Most importantly, remove yourself from the ‘naysayers.’ Not only will I get a traditional publisher. I will get a top- notch well respected publisher who will be confident to know I will have a strong handle on marketing the finished product.

So let’s get started. I was going through a bored stage here in Central Florida. I had my fill of cows and horses and did not hesitate to tell all my friends and anyone I met that I was longing for the hustle and bustle of New York City. I desperately needed mental stimulation. I put it out to the universe to give me some survival ideas.

I had a dream. Yup a real dream. I do dream analysis and take them very seriously. In that dream, I was told to get back into writing and I should write a novel. It was quite specific. The dream told me the title and that it was one of the original screenplays I had written in the late ‘80’s and then re-wrote in the early ‘90’s. This was right before I began my journey into metaphysics, the paranormal and alternative therapies.

Now after all those years I hardly remembered the titles or stories in the scripts. I was in screenwriting from the late ‘70’s to early ‘90’s. I wrote a screenplay a year in between episodics for TV and sitcoms. I went through three agents. I had a lucrative practice in New York as a Script Consultant and self-published two books on screenwriting that I marketed to my national clientele. Since I was a teacher, my day job, it was easy for me to develop a style to enable me to teach the craft. Not all screenwriters can teach exactly what people needed to do. The same goes for many novelists. It’s an unconscious habit. It’s something they’ve done but they’re not able to describe the process to someone who wants to do the same.

My dutiful hubby of thirty-eight years, Bob, went with me to the storage unit and we brought home three boxes of scripts, my notebooks and some writing texts. I pulled out three scripts that were possibilities, mulled them over for a couple of months while I read authors in the crime genre, my genre of preference and researched. Reading and researching never stopped. I am still reading and researching. What my characters were able to get away with in the ‘80’s they can no longer do after 9/11. My re-write would be far from easy. I narrowed it down to one screenplay, the screenplay in the dream. That was my start. I had a 113 page outline.

Okay, so I had an outline. And you don’t, yet. So how do you get an outline? How do you get an idea? How do you develop an idea into a summary? For the answers you have to come back to read next week’s blog. I have editing to go and do.

I look forward to your continued readership.

Next week’s blog will be on my writing web site,

To Happy and Successful Writing,



The Crystal Tarot News Special ViaViente Announcement & More!


Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well and you’re acclamating to the cooler fall weather. If you want to improve your health and wellness and build your immune system to help you fight off the flu and other winter ailments, I strongly recommend Via Viente. All product info is on my web site, so please feel free to visit to learn how to use this anti-aging, high antioxidant, natural anti-inflammatory whole food product to your best advantage. Learn how to rid your cells of toxins that are impeding your health and how to bring your body into natural balance. Please call me with any questions.  352-419-5171. I look forward to speaking with you. Best, Ronnie Allen, Authorized ViaViente distributor since 2005.


In addition

20 Millionth ViaViente Bottle Sweepstakes

We will celebrate the sale of our 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente in the next few months. This is a huge landmark in the history of our company and our product and a terrific achievement to celebrate company-wide.

One lucky Customer or Member in the World will receive the 20 Millionth ViaViente bottle in their product order. This Customer or Member will be the recipient of a US$ 1,000 cash prize.

You will be able to spot the 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente because it will have a gold seal on it. If you are the lucky recipient of this 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente, simply take a photo of the bottle and email to customer service:

In the U.S. and Canada, email the photo to
In Asia Pacific, email the photo to

Look for the “Gold Sticker” in all of your ViaViente orders in the upcoming months.

This 20th Million Bottle was placed randomly into a box and it may show up in 30 days or — depending upon sales & inventories — it may take 180 days.

Keep your eyes open for the “20th Million Bottle”. We look forward to celebrating the sale of our 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente and to awarding one of our Customers or Members the US$ 1,000 prize!

To see more on this story, click on the link


To have a chance to win, order your Via Viente at


Also: The Goddess Workshop, Oct. 20. went very well and I plan to do another in the Spring. Info to follow in future months.


I found the workshop to be very enlightening and a great way to begin my Goddess study.  I had a couple of personal revelations during and after the workshop and I hope I continue to have more.  It took me two hours just to get to the workshop, but it was definitely worth the drive!
Beri R.

Also: The next full issue of The Crystal Tarot Newsletter featuring articles with practitioners around the world in different healing modalities will go out mid Jan. 2013


Goddess Workshop in Dunnellon, Oct. 13th Reservation DEADLINE Approaching!


Goddess  Workshop in Central Florida, Sat. Oct. 20th, 2012. Deadline for making reservation is Oct. 13th!

Re-awaken the goddess within you.

Become the powerful woman you were meant to be!

Overcome any or all of the obstacles in your way!

Learn which Goddess to invoke in your meditations & rituals!

Learn which Goddess will stand behind & next to you to help you achieve your goals!

Through Goddess rituals and invocations learn how to bring the spirit of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Goddesses into your life.

Study their lives, behaviors and attitudes and learn the words they live by to make your life more fulfilled and complete. Through Goddess study learn how to
achieve your goals in life.

Analyze your own Goddess profile. Which ones do you already identify with? Which ones do you need to incorporate to obtain balance, security, goal manifestation and love?

Invocations-Rituals-Meditations-Goddess Profiles

A 3 course vegetarian Goddess Lunch is included with cup of soup, an entree, dessert and beverage

DATE: Saturday, Oct. 20th, 2012  12 pm-3:45 pm

INVESTMENT: $47. Reserve your place with a friend and you EACH get $5. off! Must be pre-paid. No payment accepted at the door. NO REFUNDS

LOCATION: Abigail’s Cafe

TO REGISTER: Call 352-419-5171 first so we can chat. Then send a MO (no personal checks pleaase), made out to Allen The Crystal Tarot to P.O. Box 507, Hernando, 34441.  Or call w/ VISA/MC info.  Your place will be held after payment is received and you will be given the address in Dunnellon. NO REFUNDS.

You will be reading and writing. So bring those glasses!

Please note: I reserve the right to decline your participation after our conversation if I feel this is not appropriate for you. You MUST be over 21. The credit card must be in your name.