Crystal layouts

Workshops, Spring 2011

Crystal Healing Body Layouts

CRYSTALS will be available on premises for purchase. Over 70 varieties of tumbled stones, clusters, wands, jewelry in SS/14K at discount prices.

First session one and a half hours, thereafter one hour.

  • Promote self-healing.
  • For relaxation and stress reduction…
  • Feel the energy as your chakras are unblocked and cleared.
  • Dispel unwanted negative energies in your aura.
  • Come to terms with feelings, emotions, trauma, loss, grief.
  • Lessen the negative effects of illnesses, medications.
  • Get rid of toxins in your body that are making you tired, depressed, sluggish.
  • Increase blood circulation through your body to achieve optimum functioning.
  • Dissolve joint and muscle pains/spasms.
  • Hasten self-recovery from surgeries.

$70. Per session (Studio visit). Initial session with evaluative intake $100.

Here’s what one participant told mes

“I was having pain in my shoulder for a long time, and after one healing with Ronnie, the pain was gone. And it’s remained so for a year and a half now.”

“The two and a half hours was great. You really listened to me. I felt like someone finally understood me.”

“You’re an amazing healer.”