Crystal Sessions


What Can You Expect During a Crystal Healing Session?

A lot of people asked me to describe a crystal healing body layout session, so I wrote this article. It is for practitioners as well as for clients.

By Ronnie Allen, Ph.D, C.C.Th.
Certified Crystal Therapist


The stones I use depend upon the chakra points. There are the 7 major chakras (we use more as healers as we get more involved in healing). 1. hip/genital area, color red; 2. abdomen, color gold; 3. solar plexus, color yellow; 4. heart, color green/pink; 5. throat, color lighter blue; 6. third eye, color, violet, azurite blue; 7. crown, white. When I do a healing I also use chakras 9-12. Chakra 8 is in the 4th auric level; chakra 9 is in the 8th auric level above the crown; chakra 10, is in the 8th auric level below the feet; Chakra 11 is in the hands and feet. I’m writing about 7-12 because when we do a crystal healing we put crystals around the body as well as on top of it.


Now I use a massage table for my clients to lie on. It’s easier to get around. When I started, I used a mat on the floor. Some therapists still prefer the mat, because you can do floor layouts and go further away from the body. I find the table easier now. It’s less strain on myself, then kneeling and crawling on the floor.


Before you even begin the layout you fill out client intake forms with your client. This is part of the session. You need to be educated as to the client’s needs and concerns. You just can’t jump in and lay on stones. There is a responsibility on the part of the practitioner that goes along with the healing. I will tell you why these questions are necessary in the next paragraph. The intake forms include the usual contact info as well as the following questions. What is your previous experience with crystals? Do you have any chronic, hereditary, congenital problems? Where in your body are weak or vulnerable areas? Have you had counseling before? Past life therapy? Do you meditate? What is your most volatile or vulnerable emotion? What emotion do you least express? Summarize what you want to work on in the crystal healing session. We have a discussion of spiritual, emotional, mental concerns. The last is the release form. A MUST. It releases you, the practitioner, from any results that might be uncomfortable for the client. What we do is non medical. The client must sign that you did not advise him/her to stop seeing their doctor, or to stop taking prescribed meds.

Very often, during a healing depending upon the stones, a person may get weepy and start to emote feelings that he/she held in before. That is because the healing released the energy blockages. You want a clue before hand, as to what may happen. Especially true if the client is holding back anger. You don’t want to be the unwilling or unknowing recipient.


Now for the stones and layouts. First I have the client take off shoes, jewelry, belts, everything from pockets and lay down on the table face up. Play soothing orchestral, or meditation music. Before I begin I do a silent meditation for myself to invoke my spirit guides, Goddesses, and my healing companions.

Then I do a body scanning without crystals to find any blockages. Unlike Reiki, which is hands on the body, in crystal healing you do not need to touch the body. Most of the work is done in the energy fields around the body and that is where illnesses and dis ease begin. I hold my hands about 3-4 inches from the body in the astral field and scan. I can hold my hands in one place for 2-3 minutes or so, just to get an idea of the pre-existing energy flow and/or blockages.


First I make a crystal grid around the client. That is clear quartz, pyrite, titanium quartz kyanite, selenite, above the crown chakra, hematite, rainbow obsidian, at the feet and around the bottoms of the feet. I put either jade, rhodocrisite, malachite, lapis in the palms of the hands which are facing downward. I found that egg shaped stones are comfortable holding. Around the body, to complete the grids, I put double terminated clear quartz points. I only use the kyanite and selenite with people who are more spiritually advanced. Those stones are very powerful and not everyone can handle their effects.

On top of the body, I group 2 chakra points together, I usually start at the heart. I put either rhodocrisite, malachite, emerald, aventurine, chryscocolla, bloodstone, strawberry quartz, green tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodonite, green calcite, pink calcite, moss agate, moldavite, rubellite, ruby in zoisite. Which stone I place depends upon the blockages I feel, and what I want to accomplish. I don’t place them blindly. Every stone has a different healing function. You can use more than one.

The crown chakra already has the stones, so do the feet.

Then I balance the body by placing stones at the root chakra. I put either, red jasper, smokey quartz, rutilated quartz, zincite, roumanian quartz diamond on the legs around the root, garnet, ruby, red tiger eye.

For the throat chakra: aquamarine, lapis, blue lace agate, blue quartz, sodalite.

The second chakra: I place moonstone (women), gold tiger’s eye, amber, petrified wood.

Then I place the third eye stones and the solar plexus; At the third eye, azurite then optical calcite; or amethyst, sugilite, sapphire.

At the solar plexus, any of the pink stones I mentioned for the heart chakra, as well as yellowish stones; peach aventurine.

Now, depending upon how much the client has worked with crystals, I put single or double terminated quartz around the colored stones on each chakra, in a spoke wheel pattern. Then I make a connecting trail with terminated points with points going down towards the feet.


I use my hands and other stones to break up blockages. If it’s arthritic, or sports injury type, I use a fluorite wand, as well as put fluorite and dendritic agate around the specific area. Aragonite is excellent to break up congestion in any area from lungs to sexual dysfunctions, to blood pressure issues. I also use my Isis wand to break up a clogged energy field, and a selenite wand in psychic surgeries. I work most around the areas of congestion, as recorded by the client as pain, since that is what pain is, blocked energy flow. The movements are similar to Reiki, but again actual body contact isn’t necessary. The session lasts about an hour on the table. With the intake about 15 minutes more.


For practitioners, I hope this gives you some idea about the procedure in a crystal healing session. The actual layouts are as complicated as your own creativity will lead you. This layout that I described is a basic one. More stones for people who work with crystals, less for those that do not. And don’t forget to ground yourself with hematite, especially if you work a lot around the crown chakra. Put hematite either in your pockets, or socks. Also, you can wear hematite around your neck, to prevent you from absorbing your client’s negativity, emotional or physical. Crystal healers, like people in the medical professions can absorb their clients vibes. It’s called transference. Cleanse your crystals after each client. Cleanse the room. Romanian quartz diamond, is great for a healers office space, and most of all cleanse your own auric field, and close up any holes in it to prevent negative transference.


For clients, I hope this article gave you some idea of what you can expect before and during a crystal healing session. Afterwards, drink a lot of water to wash away the toxins that the energy flow released. You will feel much lighter since your energy field was cleansed, and the sludge around you was dissolved. If you had a headache or felt depressed before a session those feelings would have lessened or disappeared. Very often you may get a runny nose, or think you’re getting a cold, or feel sluggish for a couple of days after a healing as signs of detoxing. You may feel tired, and you will sleep well that night. You may not feel the energy flow if it’s your first session or first experience with crystals, but you received the positive effects of the breaking up of blockages even if you weren’t consciously aware of it.

This article may be freely distributed to friends for personal use only as long as the title, my name, credentials, website, copyright info are not removed.