Metaphysical Bio

RONNIE ALLEN, Ph.D., M.S., C.A.M., CTMI, C.C.Th., C.D.A.
Spiritual Counselor, Vitalic Healer, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I was one of only two crystal healers in Brooklyn. Now I live in Florida.

I have a doctorate in Parapsychic Science from THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC THEOLOGY as well as being a certified Advanced Metaphysician (C.A.M.) from THE INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED METAPHYSICS in N.Y.

I hold Masters Degrees in Parapsychology and School Psychology.

I am a member of  The American Alternative Medical Association and I have received full board certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the A.A.D.P. (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). I am a member of those organizations as well.

I am a New York State Certified School Psychologist and New York City teacher who has worked with children and their families since 1970. I also have doctoral level courses in Human Relations from New York University.

I am a certified Tarot Master Instructor and as a member/mentor of THE TAROT CERTIFICATION BOARD since 1996,  I can also help you attain certification as a Tarot Reader. I have written articles on Tarot which were published in the award winning American Tarot Association Newsletter, which are reproduced on this website.

I have done extensive training and research on crystals and gemstone therapy and have been certified as a Crystal Therapist from THE CENTER FOR HEALING ARTS. I demonstrate to my clients the total process from clearing, programming and meditation.

I also hold certificates as Master Teacher in Magnified Healing® and as a Reiki II Practitioner. I am trained and certified in Dream Analysis from P.U.L.C. I also received ordination as an Inter Faith Non Sectarian Minister from there as well.

Being in a stressful profession, I needed a way to reduce my own stresses. I found that crystal healing was the prefect medium for me. I have been working with crystals since 1988, with clients since about 1990.

In addition I am the writer and creator of the Holistic Healing Questionnaire and the only one who uses it to assist you on your journey in self-healing. I do Holistic/Vitalic healing using a variety of modalities with the questionnaire and through private consultations. I utilize the healing power of crystals, goddess empowerment, angels, meditation, color and sound therapy, the pendulum, and the pendulum to assist you in self-healing.

I have been involved in psychology, woman’s spirituality, and studying the mind-body connection since the 1970’s. My interest in Chakra balancing began in the seventies, when I actively participated in Bio-Energetic Analysis for a couple of years. It was based on Wilhelm Reich’s theory of armors on the body, parallel to the New Age, Chakras.

Presently I am not doing workshops and giving lectures, as I did in NYC, both in my studio, various centers and on-line on Goddess psychology, empowerment, dream interpretation and crystals. Since I have been involved in psychotherapeutic process for over 30 years, I carry that point of view into Tarot.