The Crystal Tarot Newsletter is BACK & IMPROVED!!!!


Hi Everyone,

I had taken a several months  hiatus to write a novel in the psychological crime genre so I wasn’t sending out the newsletter. I’ve gotten so many requests from readers I personally know as well as subscribers I’ve never met to continue the monthly issues. Now that I’m 3/4 through the first working draft it’s the perfect time to resume the issues. The April 12th issue was the first and it focused on Events around the world. I’ve gotten requests to focus more on articles from practitioners that my readership can learn from. And I’m gladly accomodating. So from May 12th on, the issues will be articles in alternative and holistic healing modalities written by credentialed practitioners in their field.  Many of you know for the past six years that I’ve circulated the Newsletter that I’m a stickler for credentials, as you’ve seen that explicitly described in the Disclaimer of each issue.

You’ll also be reading articles by many many practitioners who have not been featured before. So watch your inbox on May 12th for the next issue and please refer your friends to sign up for FREE on this website on any page following the home page. An email confirmation is required. I look forward to your continued readership. If you have a topic you’d like information on, please email me at and I will try to attain it.