Social Selling Links 4 WHOLESALE Prices 1. Ends May, 31, 2018 How YOU Can Earn $ for Products!

Wow! Social Selling is not a new concept and dates way back to the original in-home parties, though now with the strides we’ve made on the web, social selling can be done from any location anywhere in the world. Being new to Youngevity, of course I wanted to play. I set up my first Social Selling event with me as the host for practice. I set it up to give product purchasers the wholesale prices as a way to give back to my followers. On this page, you’ll find links to products that you can peruse and try if you want to improve your health. The thing is, and I’ll be blunt, if you’re ignoring your health, your poor habits, how is that working for you? For me, I don’t want to age with illnesses that the rest of my relatives have. I have a very strong ‘why.’ You need to find yours too.

I can also set up a Social Selling event with you as the host. When you get customers to purchase products from any of the thirty companies under the Youngevity umbrella, you can EARN 10%, 15%, 20% of the total purchase price, and order your own products using that money. How cool is that?

This is the link to my main Social Selling party. You can use the search bar to find any of Youngevity’s thousand products! Love chocolate? Spices for every meal? Workout supplements? Weight loss supplements? Need bone and joint support? Pet products? Hair and body care? Daily supplements? Art supplies? Are you a crafter? Want jewelry? Want spa supplies? Want to start the 90ForLife? Love teas? Love tinctures? And there’s so much more! And did I mention, I set up the pages to give YOU the WHOLESALE PRICES?

This is the page to go to for the Organic Fair Trade Pure Arabica coffees.

Starting your health  journey? Look at Youngevity Healthy Body Paks.

And of course, our true devotion to ViaViente still holds . You can buy it here. The tech dept. will be adding the images this week. Thank you for your patience.