The Crystal Tarot News Special ViaViente Announcement & More!


Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well and you’re acclamating to the cooler fall weather. If you want to improve your health and wellness and build your immune system to help you fight off the flu and other winter ailments, I strongly recommend Via Viente. All product info is on my web site, so please feel free to visit to learn how to use this anti-aging, high antioxidant, natural anti-inflammatory whole food product to your best advantage. Learn how to rid your cells of toxins that are impeding your health and how to bring your body into natural balance. Please call me with any questions.  352-419-5171. I look forward to speaking with you. Best, Ronnie Allen, Authorized ViaViente distributor since 2005.


In addition

20 Millionth ViaViente Bottle Sweepstakes

We will celebrate the sale of our 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente in the next few months. This is a huge landmark in the history of our company and our product and a terrific achievement to celebrate company-wide.

One lucky Customer or Member in the World will receive the 20 Millionth ViaViente bottle in their product order. This Customer or Member will be the recipient of a US$ 1,000 cash prize.

You will be able to spot the 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente because it will have a gold seal on it. If you are the lucky recipient of this 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente, simply take a photo of the bottle and email to customer service:

In the U.S. and Canada, email the photo to
In Asia Pacific, email the photo to

Look for the “Gold Sticker” in all of your ViaViente orders in the upcoming months.

This 20th Million Bottle was placed randomly into a box and it may show up in 30 days or — depending upon sales & inventories — it may take 180 days.

Keep your eyes open for the “20th Million Bottle”. We look forward to celebrating the sale of our 20 Millionth bottle of ViaViente and to awarding one of our Customers or Members the US$ 1,000 prize!

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To have a chance to win, order your Via Viente at


Also: The Goddess Workshop, Oct. 20. went very well and I plan to do another in the Spring. Info to follow in future months.


I found the workshop to be very enlightening and a great way to begin my Goddess study.  I had a couple of personal revelations during and after the workshop and I hope I continue to have more.  It took me two hours just to get to the workshop, but it was definitely worth the drive!
Beri R.

Also: The next full issue of The Crystal Tarot Newsletter featuring articles with practitioners around the world in different healing modalities will go out mid Jan. 2013