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“I would like to present you my Goddess Award”

Proudly recognizing excellence online in the healing arenas

Your site may qualify for one of my Goddess Awards! Please fill in the form here and apply for one if your web site is:

* firmly focused on any healing arena (traditional medical, alternative therapies, holistic healing, energy healing modalities, spiritual, metaphysical, child-care services or providers)
* provides a good quantity of high quality content, and
* achieves excellence in technical and marketing aspects

If I determine your site does indeed reach the required standard, I will send you one of these awards which you can put on your web site.

Please fill in the form below now and apply. I will review your site and send you my congratulations and one of the beautiful Goddess Awards if your site reaches the Goddess standard of excellence.

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To confirm you have read the award criteria please write in this box how many award criteria there are listed below:

Here are the awards


ISIS AWARD of Excellence for Medical, Holistic Healing, Alternative Therapies, Energy Healing modalities sites.


ARTEMIS AWARD of Excellence for Spiritual or Metaphysical sites.


ATHENA AWARD of Excellence for a primarily educational verses a purely commercial oriented site in the field of healing.


BRIDGIT AWARD of Excellence for sites created for and by children’s services and providers.


HATHOR AWARD of Excellence for sites created and maintained by women in a healing field. Sorry men, this one isn’t for you!

Award criteria

My criteria are stringent and non-negotiable. The awards are for the best sites, those that would achieve a Gold Award from other presenters. They’re given to superior web sites, evidenced through their point of view, purpose, content, integrity, expertise and design.

1. Site must be in the healing arenas: traditional medical, alternative therapies, holistic healing, energy healing modalities, spiritual, metaphysical, child-care services or providers.
2. You must be the sole owner, webmaster or web designer.
3. Commercial or personal sites welcome to apply.
4. Must be 21 years of age or older.
5. There must be information for the reader to take with them in addition to products and services to sell. This may be in the form of articles, information about your services, research information.
6. You must have a page that lists and describes your credentials, licenses and certifications or a bio page that presents your qualifications. I will not give awards to sites of “self-proclaimed healers.”
7. Links must be related to the theme of your site.
8. You must have a Disclaimer or Terms of Service page.
9. You must have an AWARDS page to post the award and link back to my site.
10. Limited spelling and grammatical errors. I am a teacher so I’ll check carefully!
11. Graphics must be copyrighted where necessary.
12. No offensive material or links to such: pornography, any sexual content, racism, cruelty to animals, profanity, any reference to and including illegal activities. No sites that condemn others’ points of view. No dark satanistic sites will be considered. No hate promoting sites. No psychic-hotline sites. Sites that do not promote healing for the highest good of mankind and our planet need not apply. Content should be child safe.
13. Site must be in English or have a translator option.
14. Site must not be password protected and be accessible to the general public.
15. Site must be easy to navigate.
16. Page design must be thematic and organized with legible fonts.
17. Site must be more than a list of links.
18. Site must not crash my computer. No error messages appear on the screen.
19. One pop-up maximum.
20. No, or limited, use of frames. I find them to be a distraction and they decrease the ease of reading.
21. No fee entry and subscription fees.
22. No mandatory guest-book.
23. No more than one broken internal link.
24. No “under-construction” signs. Great sites are always under construction and evolving.
25. Music MUST have a “shut-off” option.

Apply now

Applying is simple. Please use the form above.

There is one further award

I want to also be able to support your web site even if it falls a little short of my criteria for a Goddess Award. If that happens, I want to offer you a membership in the Healing Chapter. Members go to a special page and download the membership award shown here.