Learn Tarot in Central Florida

SEVEN Week Tarot Reading Course in Central Florida

Using the Tarot as a Tool of Empowerment

Presented by Ronnie Allen, Ph.D., CTMI
(Certified Tarot Master Instructor)

Learn tarot and make an investment in yourself and in your growth and development!

Learn tarot and make an investment to increase abundance in your life!

This is not a course to learn how to tell fortunes or predict the future.

It is a course to learn how to gain insight so that you can become empowered to remove obstacles & obtain your goals in life and help others do the same.

Learn the meanings of each card on a physical, mental, emotional, elemental and spiritual levels…

You will receive a syllabus for the entire course, with a different agenda each week.

We will be using the Universal Rider Waite Deck and Text.

A few different decks…many spreads…many readings. You will feel the positive energy as we read for each other.

You need to bring a THICK 5-1/2 X 8 inch spiral notebook.

This course will prepare you for three levels of Tarot Certification from the Tarot Certification Board:

* Apprentice Tarot Reader
* Certified Tarot Reader
* Professional Tarot Reader

I administer the exams voluntarily and for no extra fee. Additional fees go to the Tarot Certification Board for processing as per their regulations.

Course given by Ronnie Allen, Ph.D., CTMI (Certified Tarot Master Instructor)

Tarot course syllabus

Session 1: Introduction, Distribution of Decks, Tarot basics, WANDS, Tarot certification objectivves,

Session 2: CUPS, Numerology

Session 3: SWORDS, Intro to Major Arcana

Session 4: PENTACLES, writing questions, COURT CARD exercises, Tarot Certification objectives

Session 5: MAJOR ARCANA;  year, personality & soul cards

Session 6: Spreads & reading for each other

Session 7: Spreads & reading for each other. Take home Tarot Certification exams.

DATES:  Wed. eve starting June 15th, 2011, and 6 more weeks to July 27th, 6-8 PM. Some sessions will go to 9 PM

INVESTMENT: $219. for a 16 hr. course INCLUDING The Universal Rider Waite Deck Set with Text. (Retail value $35.) Maximum 5 people.



TO REGISTER: Send MO Payment IN FULL must be received before the first session. There are no refunds.

Please note: I reserve the right to decline your participation after our conversation if I feel this is not appropriate for you. You MUST be over 21.   There will be no refund if you miss a session, but I WILL make an appointment with you for 30 min. to go over the session and help you catch up.

Also available, a private 7 week Tarot Reading course, same syllabus. Each session 1.5-2.5 hrs. $325. A 2 installment payment plan can be worked out.