Goddess Workshop in Central Florida

Goddess  Workshop in Central Florida:

Re-awaken the goddess within you.

Become the powerful woman you were meant to be!

Overcome any or all of the obstacles in your way!

Learn which Goddess to invoke in your meditations & rituals!

Learn which Goddess will stand behind & next to you to help you achieve your goals!

Through Goddess rituals and invocations learn how to bring the spirit of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Goddesses into your life.

Study their lives, behaviors and attitudes and learn the words they live by to make your life more fulfilled and complete. Through Goddess study learn how to achieve your goals in life.

Analyze your own Goddess profile. Which ones do you already identify with? Which ones do you need to incorporate to obtain balance, security, goal manifestation and love?

Invocations-Rituals-Meditations-Goddess Profiles

A 3 course vegetarian Goddess Lunch is included with a cup of  soup, an entree, dessert and beverage


INVESTMENT: $47. Register with a friend and you EACH get $5. off! MUST be pre-paid.  NO payment at the door.  NO REFUNDS.


Please note: 1.  You will be reading and writing, so bring those glasses!

2.  I reserve the right to decline your participation after our conversation if I feel this is not appropriate for you. You MUST be over 21. The credit card must be in your name.




I found the workshop to be very enlightening and a great way to begin my Goddess study.  I had a couple of personal revelations during and after the workshop and I hope I continue to have more.  It took me two hours just to get to the workshop, but it was definitely worth the drive!
Beri R.