Interview With Intuitive, Elly Molina


Wow! What a blog interview do I have for you today! Elly and I go back ten years and we’ve helped each other grow in our perspective business lives and now we’ve come together again to discuss the development of intuition in children, which has been her focus for many years. We each had our own journey into alternative therapies. Mine, you can read on the ‘About me’ section of this website. As a writer and promoter of personal growth, I always like my readers to hear a voice other than mine. So today, we’ll talk about Elly’s perspective. Elly is  the leading expert in children’s psychic development as well as an international intuitive and writer. Elly has a Masters Degree in Linguistics and had taught children and adults for over three decades.

Interestingly, this topic is one of the plot points in both Gemini and Aries. Dr. John Trenton of Gemini has been psychic and clairvoyant since he was a toddler. Det. Samantha Wright of Aries is first coming to terms with her intuitive abilities. Elly will discuss with us how children and adults differ in how they accept their gifts.

Me: Welcome Elly! So excited to have you on my blog today!

Elly: The pleasure is all mine, Ronnie. You told me you had a lot of questions.

Me: Yes. In Gemini, forensic psychiatrist John Trenton has been psychic and clairvoyant since he was a toddler. His parents called his spirit guide, Max, an imaginary friend. What are the feelings, attitudes, fears, behaviors would he have as a three-year-old with these gifts?
Elly: Having worked with children this young , it is common for them to see things; ghosts, shadow figures, apparitions, entities, etc. At age three, John is functioning in the Theta brain wave frequency . These wave frequencies are so slow that an adult falls asleep in this state. A child at this age and stage is very connected to their internal world and these slower frequencies allow them to perceive what is not visible to us consciously. Speaking about these experiences and sightings often frightens the adults more than the children. The children, sensing their parents fear when they share with them, then absorb the fear the parents are experiencing as their own.

 Me: I see. What would he think about having these gifts, not having a label for them and being different from his friends?

Elly: Most likely, from my experience, these children feel different and alienated, especially as they get older and realize not everyone sees, feels or experiences what they do. There is a huge need to conform, so it is common for young children to be upset with their differences, unless they have parents who can foster this ability in a healthy manner.

Me. Oh, in line with what you just said… This is not in the novel, but when John was in kindergarten he was having a vision during a reading lesson. He told his teacher that she better go out and check her tires otherwise she wouldn’t be able to get home. He told her she had a flat tire. It was snowing out, hard, but his teacher did go out to check, and she did indeed have a flat tire. When she came back into the classroom John got into trouble, the principal called his parents. The teacher thought that he had gotten some older children to give her a flat. At five? Really? What would his parents who have become accustomed to his visions and have accepted them, tell  the school administration and the teacher?

Elly: Fortunately, we are living in the information age & there is a lot of information out and available about psychic and intuitive abilities. His parents would benefit by educating the school administration about his highly developed extra sensory abilities. The school administration would benefit by learning more about sixth/seventh sensory learning. His parents would need to educate the school administration as best as possible. There is a great deal of fear in main stream educational institutions. I’ve experienced that most highly intuitive and psychic children are better served in private education. I can recount so many experiences where even just mentioning the word psychic and psychic abilities in a class room has the educator brought into the principal’s office for reprimanding. These subjects are still very taboo in mainstream American public schools.

Me: What would you tell parents who have a glimmer that their children have intuitive abilities to encourage them and develop their abilities to their fullest potential?

anabelleuntitledElly: Thanks for asking Ronnie. I recently worked with a young mother and her 5 year old son. Her son sees shadow people ( these are black silhouettes or black masses that take on human shape) . He also sees an entity in his home quite clearly with whom he speaks.  These are often frightening experiences for young children, unless parents can be quick to explain and work with them. Children are in the alpha  and theta brain wave state until about the age of 11-12. They easily are able to receive and send telepathic messages. Parents would be encouraged to use this window of opportunity to help them develop this ability, to access it and to trust in it. There are many games that parents can teach their children that will allow them to develop this wonderful skill and ability.  A very simple game, for example is : What color am I thinking of ? Parents can give their children a choice of 4 colors to start with and allow them to ” guess” what color the parent is thinking of. Then, these simple games are adapted to more advanced telepathic and mental exercises. It’s also practice. Like with anything, the more we practice, the better we get at it, and that includes telepathy, remote viewing and even Telekenesis.

Me: How should parents react to this information?

Elly: Ronnie, the more informed parents are about their child’s abilities, the easier it will be for all.  Parents need to learn not to be frightened of things they can not understand. Parents need to educate themselves in this area before shooting down their child’s abilities and suppressing them. I have spent years doing my best to educate parents and educators about these experiences in young children.

Me: Now Elly, I’d like to ask you about detective Samantha Wright in Aries, who is first becoming in-tune with her abilities and intuition. For years Samantha would just blurt out statements, comments about what she was observing and it almost seemed that it was coming from a different voice. People would look at her and think she was talking to herself. At this point she was not accepting messages that she was receiving. When she decided to learn more about the mind-body connection and began to go to Reiki to cleanse and open up the centers in her body, she met people who were able to help her describe what she was going through. She learned about attracting and talking to a spirit guide whom she named Dara. So, how would you suggest adults tune in to their intuition, and communicate with their spirit guide?

Elly: First thing, Ronnie is to adopt an attitude of Belief. DIS Belief is one of the greatest obstacles in accessing intuition and being able to develop it. W. Clement Stone said,  “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -. We are all born with the ability to access our intuition. It is critical that if we be given the opportunity at a young age to learn to trust and develop it. We can still do this at a later age. It starts with learning how to meditate as an adult and quiet the mind. Then you will begin to learn to distinguish the voices in your head. There is the constant mind chatter ( NOT INTUITION) and then there is a much more affirmative, knowing voice that one hears ( Intuition) . Also, we can get various sensations in our bodies.. Among  them are :Clairvoyance, seeing pictures or symbols in your minds’ eye.  Clairsentience, a feeling that hits your body, also known as the ” gut feeling” . Clairaudience, hearing voices and sounds other than your own. Claircognizance, is the ability to just ” know” with out a ” cause” and then clairgustance, the ability to taste energetically.

Me: How would a person tell the difference between true intuition and creative imagination?

Elly: That makes me smile. There isn’t much difference between creative imagination and intuition. It is the ” higher power” coming through during a creatively imaginative space. It would probably be the same thing.

Me: When John Trenton get a message from his spirit guide, he feels a jolt of energy starting at his crown chakra down his right side through his body. Samantha, when she gets a message, experiences a queasy stomach. What physical signals do you get when you’re receiving messages from your guide or from the universe?

Elly: Thanks for asking Ronnie. I’ve been working in this area for many years now. I am clairvoyant firstly. I get images and symbols and numbers and then I will hear things. Also, I get a bodily sensation, since I’m an empath as well. I sometimes do as many as 15 readings in a day and I have to learned to incorporate all of the various methods of accessing intuition and psychic ability that I discussed above.

Me: What is indicated by getting messages from various parts of the body?

Elly: When I get the messages from my body, it is confirmation. I always teach my clients, if you get a strong sense of feeling repelled… run the other way. It’s your intuition screaming at you . Listen There is a great quote I wish parents would allow their children to learn and give them permission to act on this . “Pay attention to your gut feelings. No matter how good something looks, if it doesn’t feel right , walk away”.  Teaching children to honor their intuition would be one of the greatest gifts we could give them.

Me: What else would you like to add that would assist readers in developing their own intuition and psychic abilities of themselves and their children?

Elly: Ronnie, I think the greatest gift we could give to parents and their children, is to begin with teaching parents and their children to honor themselves and their values. When we begin to honor ourselves and to honor our values, and learn to be strong enough to walk away from situations that do not feel right or invalidate who we are. When we honor ourselves we will be accessing our intuition. Then, we begin to strengthen on these experiences and learn to trust them and utilize them on an ongoing basis. This even gets so good, that we learn to ” feel” which road to go down when driving, in order to avoid traffic.

Meditation and quiet time is vital. Also, learning to distinguish the identity from the higher self is key here. We need to teach adults and children that we operate out of two very distinctly different spaces. We operate out of the space referred to as human animal ( pure raw instinct) and then there is human spirit. These are our noble qualities. When we can teach adults and children to distinguish between the two, accessing, trusting and devloping intuition and learning to honor and incorporate our other senses, we will be altering the course of developing our human and spiritual potential.

Elly: Thank you Ronnie.  If there are parents wishing to learn more about my work, they can contact me at : I offer a very unique program for children and their parents, titled,  Your child’s Powerful ID ( Intuitive Development)  They can also access a Free Download from my website: Simple Steps to Develop Your Child’s Powerful Intuitive Abilities

Me: Elly, this was so enlightening. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to speak with me.

If you enjoyed this blog, and want to learn more about Elly, please listen to her interview with Brian Tracey that has aired on all the networks and pick up her children’s book, “Annabelle and the Domino”, the cover of which is the banner for this blog.