Mysterious Dutchess

Mysterious connections with the Duchess in our lives

Duchess came into our lives on May 26th, 2004 weighing seventeen pounds at eight and a half weeks old. It was ten days after Christy passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Right away there were spiritual connections between her and our family.

1. Firstly she has the same birthday as my son David, March 23rd. As Aries they are both stubborn and want things their way.
2. But more importantly, March 23rd is Artemis’ Festival Day. Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, the Protectress of Women in childbirth, ran through the woods with a pack of wild dogs. They killed on her command.

Duchess showed her aggressive side within a week and I began to fear that because of her spiritual connection she would not make a great family dog.


The Tarot card for March 23rd is the Emperor, the authority, someone in Law and or the Military. David is also getting his credits for NYPD by the way. I immediately got the feelings that she would make a great police dog. She was put on this earth in this lifetime to achieve more, possibly be a search and rescue dog. She was less than three months old and everyone was telling me she’s a puppy and they nip and play roughly. But there was more to it than that.

I know I am Artemisian (through all of my past lives work), and on March 23rd many important events happened in my life. David was born through natural childbirth after a twenty-six hour labor, ten minutes after midnight. I went back to work on March 23rd, after my illness of four months. See my article, My Journey Back. Working with Artemis has helped me through a lot of physical challenges.
Duchess is trying to communicate

Here’s Duchess at eight months old and 73 pounds … and still growing

She is trying to tell me something. I’m the one who fed her and spent most of the time with her. Yet it was me she turned on. She’s wonderful on a leash, in the park, playing with strangers and children.

I still have some feelings that we may not be able to keep her. I don’t like being eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

She does growl at Bob and goes to nip him too, now that she’s older and he spends a lot of time with her. For some reason, David projects a certain aura, so she doesn’t pick on him. And she only sees him occasionally.

Pure and unmixed

When I do Goddess profiling, I tell my clients that in 2004, today’s world, a woman must be a blend of Goddesses. You’d be psychotic being only one. Yet Duchess is so Artemisian, it’s like she is still living in the wilds.

She’s now almost five months old and she’s about forty-two pounds. She’s gorgeous and smart as well as very strong. We’re on our second trainer and I believe he’s the right one to make her realize that she has to live in today’s society as a civil and cooperative member of our family.

Further unusual connections

If the March 23rd birthday wasn’t enough of a connection, I found out when we got her papers the other day, that her father and my father have the same name, Sam. And both were a middle name! Her father’s last name began with F, so does my maiden name. Her mother’s name began with an E, just like mine.

So, I’m asking you, what does all of this mean? What is Duchess trying to tell me through her aggressive behavior towards me? Any spiritual thoughts?