How Jingles came into our lives

Copyright, 2002, Ronnie Allen, All Rights Reserved

JinglesIt was Christmas of 1999, and my son David wanted to get a kitten for his girlfriend Lisa. Too late to go to a shelter and Christmas being only one day away, David took me to a pet store, where one out of fifteen kittens chose us. When I put my hand up on the cage, Jingles put her paw up to mine and didn’t remove it. All 1.4 pounds of her said loud and clear, “Take me home.”

We took Jingles out of the cage and it was instant bonding. She crawled up to David’s neck, and then cuddled in my arms. Gray and white, an exotic kitten, with green eyes she never went back into the cage. While being bathed and prepared for her trip home, David I picked out toys and other goodies for her. David took her to Lisa’s house and she was loved immediately.
Tragedy strikes

Eight days later, I was coming home from dinner with my husband and we got a call on the cell phone. “Mom, we’re in the hospital!” “What hospital?” I thought he meant my mom, who was ill. “No the animal hospital.” I thought it was Christy. “No, Jingles. Lisa’s dog attacked her. Mom it’s bad, real bad.” We raced back to the first Vet at the emergency hospital that took care of Christy. It was the only hospital that was close to Lisa’s house and David couldn’t waste any time. When I saw Jingles bleeding from her jaw and nose in a box, she looked up at me and pleaded, “Grandma, why did you send me to that house?” Our telepathic communication was strong, just as it is with all of our animal family members. The Vet told us that she had internal bleeding and fractures. He made no promises as to her ability to recover, because she was so small. He would keep her for the night because she was too fragile to move and then we can take her to our regular Vet in the morning. Lisa and I left in tears, but I would not let anything happen to that precious kitten.
Night of healing

We came home and I lay down with Christy on my bed to begin the healing of Jingles. I grounded myself, surrounded and cleansed my aura, invoked the Pleiadian Emessaries, Ascended Masters and only those entities for our highest good. Poppy Sam appeared again to assist in Jingle’s healing. I surrounded Jingles with white healing light, and I knew I wanted to get closer to her. In Theta level, I astrally traveled to her and saw her lifeless body in the cage. I think she knew I was there. I balanced her chakras, and released some of the trauma that was attached to her aura. She was terribly frightened by her ordeal. I knew I needed more help than chakra balancing and psychic surgery and Poppy Sam directed me to place her in a Pleiadian healing chamber, with an Interdimensional Cone of Light on her head. I did that and left her for a Pleiadian healing. Coming back into my body, I sent her healing rays all night.

When David and Lisa took her to our Vet in the morning, the internal bleeding was gone, there were no bodily fractures, but her jaw was broken in two. She would need surgery, but she would be fine and there was no indication that she should be put to sleep. We had the surgery and Jingles jaw’s had wires and a button that she would have to keep for six weeks. Through healings and proper nutrition, Jingle’s jaw healed within three weeks and she was able to have the wire removed. During the healing time, Jingles stayed with us and she couldn’t be happier.

Jingles loves Reiki, crystals and Tarot. She would hold crystals, (fluorite, dendritic agate) with her paw next to her body. She lays on top of them when she is in her cribbie (crate). She was playing with a deck of Tarot cards and spread them all over the table. She chose one card to nibble on, The Ten Of Cups, meaning happy family. It was destiny that she be a part of our family. That was confirmed on a visit back to Lisa’s house, when her dog went for her again. David prevented an accident and brought her back to us immediately. She’s been with us ever since, the most gorgeous remarkable cat one can see.

Today, February 26th, 2015, a few months over 15, Jingles passed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with Christy and Duchess with whom she spent her early years. She’ll be forever missed and cherished in our hearts.

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