Photos of her life

“Photos to help us remember mom.”

(Click on some of these pictures to see a larger version of the photo.)

Here is mom in 1937 at 19, in front of Joan’s Beauty shop in Brooklyn, where she worked as a beautician, as it was called in those days. She was always fun loving and liked to strike comical poses.

Here’s mom, in 1938, at 20. She was always agile and in very good shape. Even on her deathbed the doctors and nurses couldn’t believe the condition of her body.

Here’s mom and dad in a romantic moment in 1940 before they were married. If you look close you can see the pack of cigarettes which were her eventual downfall. She continued to smoke for 60 years until age 80, when she was diagnosed with COPD.

Mom and Dad in VA. in 1942. He was drafted 10 months after they were married and he went off to Europe for four years.

Looking glamorous in a two piece bathing suit in 1945.

Grandma Sarah, Grandpa Henry, the furniture maker, and me at four months. They called my mom “The Lucky Baby” because after she was born his furniture making business expanded.

Mom, Dad and me in 1953.

Mom and Dad with a portrait of my High School Graduation picture in 1966.

Our wedding, Bob and me, June 8th, 1974

Mom and Dad at our wedding.

Another photo of Mom and Dad at our wedding.

Mom making her grand entrance at our wedding.

Mom and David, 1979

Dad and David, 1984. This is the last picture of them together.

Headline: “49 Seniors were hurt as bus flips over.” Mom was on her way to Atlantic City on Wednesday, November 30, 1988. The bus flipped over and fell into an embankment. That’s me and my Aunt Mary, who met her when the bus returned to Brooklyn. Mom did not want to go to the hospital because she didn’t want to leave her friends. She was treated at the scene and was interviewed on television. After much convincing she allowed us to take her to the hospital where it was diagnosed she had a fractured skull. Three weeks after the accident she was back on the bus to AC. She would not let the accident keep her from going.

An Hawaiian party in her residence in 1996.

Still the comic in 1998.

The last photo I took of mom. November 2, 2002.