Crystal Healing Workshop Coming to NYC from the UK!!!


CRYSTAL Workshop. Exact location in NYC TBA. I’ll keep you posted!

International Institute for Holistic Therapies & Vibrational Healing is now in NEW YORK,  USA

The IIHTVH is now in the USA

We are very excited!!  We are planning our first visit in NEW YORK, USA.

Lorraine, our IIHTVH in the New York has invited us to come across the pond and hold some workshops.  We have decided to hold the following workshops between
the dates:  27th October and 4th November.  The following workshops are on offer:
•Crystal Healing workshop number one  for Beginners

•Crystal Healing workshop number two for Advanced

•Usui Reiki I attunement workshop. See web site for details for Reiki

•Usui Reiki II attunement workshop

•Usui Reiki III and IV attunement workshops (these
can be taken separately).

Details and pricing please go to the website

If you would like any more info regarding the above mentioned workshops, please e-mail us or email Lorraine directly on:

We so look forward to meeting you at one of the above mentioned workshops

Love and blessings Lorraine

Crystal Healing workshop for Beginner 27th and 28th October 2012 In New York, USA anytime at a location near you.

This workshop for beginners is for anyone with a love or interest in Crystals.  It is also a good starting point for students enroling in the Crystal Correspondence
Course and a prerequisit for those wishing to enrol for the IIHTVH 2-year Crystal Therapy Diploma

What will you learn on that week-end?

•Introduction to crystals
•How to choose, cleanse and program crystals
•How to use your crystal for self healing
•Dowsing with Crystal for fun
•Dowsing with Crystal to detect blockages in the body
•Using gems in a chakra layout for self healing
•Finding the peace and tranquility within the self
•Crystal massage and reflexology for home use
•Colour breathing and relaxation
•Many meditations throughout the weekend to get to
know and work with your Crystal

The week-end is an intensive work-out with crystals punctuated with breathing techniques, healing, talks and ;pts of meditation. The knowledge gained will enable you to relax, gain peace within yourself and use crystals in your daily life for yourself and loved ones. It will bring you a step nearer to the attunement with nature bringing peace into your busy life and contentment into your heart. Working with crystals is gentle and soothing and will help you to find and use your intuition.

The price of the two-day workshop is $150 per person, which includes tea, coffee and biscuits and on both days, one quartz crystal to work with and keep, one black pouch with a chakra set of gem stones to work with and keep, plus the extensive and informative workshop manual written by IIHTVH Principal, Anna Mandala.

Please bring a warm pair of socks, a blanket and lunch to share with others.

Bring your friends and get a special discount off this course for every friend you bring along.

This workshop can be used as a one-off basic introduction to working with crystals or to enhance your Crystal Correspondence Course and as the beginning of a 2-year diploma in Crystal Therapy with the IIHTVH

This Diploma is recognised and accredited by the CMA

Anna will also be available for private consultations, Crystal Healing and Personal one/hour taped readings.

Please book your place asap as places are limited because we hold small workshop to ensure all our students receive the most attention at our workshops.

Crystal Two Workshop

In NEW YORK USA 3rd and 4th November 2012 or any time of your choosing .

The Second Crystal Workshop  is an exciting workshop, increasing your awareness and bringing you to new hights of consciousness.   This workshop can be attended by those who have an interest in and a little knowledge of crystals, for those who have enroled in the Crystal Correspondence Course and those who wish to continue with theIIHTVH 2/year Diploma Course.

This intense workshop will not only give you the chance to experience the power of crystals at an advanced level in which you will learn how to apply the knowledge to your loved ones for general well-being but also the opportunity to build your own healing tool  –  the powerful crystal healing wand.
The workshop programme is follows:


Grounding/protection and third eye meditation with your personal crystal.

Make your own crystal healing wand
Choosing twelve crystals to work with
Cleansing and programming twelve crystalsand crystal healing wand

Balancing and cleansing the physical and subtle bodies with a 6 crystal layout and crystal wand on partner.

Star of David configuration with partner

Scanning partner’s body with crystal healing wand

Seven crystal chakra meditation


Grounding/protection and third eye meditation with

your personal crystal

Cleansing the chakras and subtle bodies

Configuration with 12 crystals on a partner

Meditation bringing white light into your being, and cleansing your chakras and aura.

Star of David configuration for three people, and learning to use your psychic abilities

Twelve crystal chakra meditation with 7 gem stones while lying under a crystal pyramid

The price of the two-day workshop  is  $150 p.p. which includes:

· water +complimentary beverages and biscuits on
both days,
. 2 crystals and materials to make your own crystal
healing wand to keep

·1 smokey quartz tumble stone for grounding at
workshop and to keep.

·Workshop two manual written by Anna Mandala

PS: Please bring your crystal,7 gem stones and your chain with dowser point from 1st w/shop.  If you don’t have them, then you can purchase them at the workshop. Also bring warm socks, a blanket and lunch to share with others.

Therapies and/or taped reading will be available upon request


Goddess Workshop in Dunnellon, Florida



Goddess  Workshop in Central Florida, Sat. Oct. 20th, 2012

Re-awaken the goddess within you.

Become the powerful woman you were meant to be!

Overcome any or all of the obstacles in your way!

Learn which Goddess to invoke in your meditations & rituals!

Learn which Goddess will stand behind & next to you to help you achieve your goals!

Through Goddess rituals and invocations learn how to bring the spirit of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Goddesses into your life.

Study their lives, behaviors and attitudes and learn the words they live by to make your life more fulfilled and complete. Through Goddess study learn how to
achieve your goals in life.

Analyze your own Goddess profile. Which ones do you already identify with? Which ones do you need to incorporate to obtain balance, security, goal manifestation and love?

Invocations-Rituals-Meditations-Goddess Profiles

A 3 course vegetarian Goddess Lunch is included with cup of soup, an entree, dessert and beverage

DATE: Saturday, Oct. 20th, 2012  12 pm-3:45 pm

INVESTMENT: $47. Reserve your place with a friend and you EACH get $5. off! Must be pre-paid. No payment accepted at the door. NO REFUNDS

LOCATION: Abigail’s Cafe

TO REGISTER: Call 352-419-5171 first so we can chat. Then send a MO (no personal checks pleaase), made out to Allen The Crystal Tarot to P.O. Box 507, Hernando, 34441.  Or call w/ VISA/MC info.  Your place will be held after payment is received and you will be given the address in Dunnellon. NO REFUNDS.

You will be reading and writing. So bring those glasses!

Please note: I reserve the right to decline your participation after our conversation if I feel this is not appropriate for you. You MUST be over 21. The credit card must be in your name.